Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Health Insurers and the Meaning of "Best of Both Worlds"

I see that Cigna is now saying that well, maybe repealing Obamacare would not  be such a great idea after all (I think I heard something along the same lines from another insurer on Public Radio as I was getting out of the car).

Boy, can I ever  believe that.  Seems to me the insurers have got themselves in the perfect position on this one--a direct line to our pockets via the public purse with the power of the sovereign to help them collect their money.  In short, a "private" system, rigged with every advantage a public system can provide  but so presented that if anything goes wrong they can blame it on the pin-headed socialists in Washington.  It's been the program all along.  Whenever we get anything close to "socialism" in America, some private party or parties gets very, very rich.

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