Thursday, December 09, 2010

Myers on Vonnegut

   The ever-dependable D. G. Myers connects for--well, if not a home run, then at least a solid double--with his pointed and crusty display of (some) reasons why Kurt Vonnegut does not belong in the Library of America.  Myers brackets Vonnegut with Sinclair Lewis and John Steinbeck for their "career-long critique of America," and  adds: "A midcultist whose psychological reaction to this country was healthier—Herman Wouk, for example, or John P. Marquand—would never be considered for the Library of America."  I wouldn't bet on that.  My instinct is that Marquand still has a fan base among the Connected, and may have his day.   A more interesting comparison might be James Gould Cozzens (whom Myers claims to have read in the sixth grade).

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