Friday, December 17, 2010

Neckties: There Had to be a Reason

As one who believes that neckties cut off the blood flow to the brain, I am intrigued to hear Jonathan Roth explain that neckties evolved from military neck-scarfs: evidently soldiers in an earlier time wore them to keep their armor from chafing the skin.  So informed, I engage never again to wear a necktie unless I am also wearing armor.

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Anonymous said...

i swapped to bow ties -- tie them yourself bow ties -- 20-30 years long time ago. hardly ever wear one now -- just when i'm a pallbearer. there used to be a bow tie store right near the national press bldg in dc that had one price and just silk bow ties. price was one buck. still got some, from the six(ties). once had a letter to the ed of washpost about how some big time civil rights and related issues lawyer always wore ready tied bow ties so he could save a few seconds of time to devote to poor folks.