Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're #21!

Well, isn't that special--a number-crunching professor at the University of Cincinnati has churned out a law school ranking table under which my more-or-less old school is #21(heh!) and (hm!) tied with Harvard.

Oh, mock on, you doubters.  It's better than we do in most rankings, and it is better, relatively speaking, than I ever achieved in the Bay-to-Breakers.  If we deserve it at all, I suppose we make it on "Professors: Accessible," perhaps also "Professors: Interesting."    I do wonder if we are really that much more interesting than, say Yale (tied with Cardozo for #39).

We will of course go all squiggly giggly and who can blame us?  But it might be more fun to hear the conversation at Harvard--we're tied with who?  (pardon, this is Harvard: whom?).  Which brings to mind the occasion when our first dean,Ed Barrett, called the then-dean of Harvard, Erwin Griswold, and asked him if he knew anybody who might want to be a law professor at Davis.   Griswold was a massive old grizzly bear with a voice that could take the rust of an anvil. "DAVIS?" he is said to have responded, "WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO PUT A LAW SCHOOL IN DAVIS?"

Good question.  And while we are t it, who the hell would want to put one in Cambridge?

[Oh, and a "hai, caramba!" to Francine for the alert.]

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