Monday, December 20, 2010

The What Citizens Councils?

This really belongs in a comment over at TPM, but they don't take comments* so I'll go on record here.  They are going on about God Ol' Haley Barbour and the Good Ol' White Citizens Councils.  Good Ol' Haley says there was nothing sinister about them and--why, here's a racist, now fancy that!

Haley--Baby--I lived through the Golden Age of the CCs and I can attest--I never, ever, not once, heard them referred to as just "Citizens Councils" before--the adjective was always there, like gum on the bottom of a bus seat.  I suppose at some point, somebody in PR told them they had to buff up their image, the same way Jubal Early sanitized the Civil War.

But I have a gold-plated rebel yell ready for anybody who can point to just thing that those WCC's ever did that with a purpose other than the squelching,bullying, intimidation or outright eradication of blacks.
*Okay I guess they do  but I wasn't finding the link.

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Anonymous said...

i covered the founding of the calhoun county, alabama white citizens council when i was an anniston star reporter in the mid '50's. "white" was the crucial word. no business types, no professional types, were there. the real founders who was there were the adams brothers, local KKK officials. remember when nat king cole was attacked while giving a concert in Bham? the adams boys were the attackers.