Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Calendar is in Alignment

Yesterday at 1:11 it was 1:11 1-11-11(actually, I guess twice yesterday, unless you are on military time).  But the grandchild whose birthday was yesterday points out that it will happen again this year--not his birthday, but the confluence.  That would be November 1, aka 11-1; so 1:11 11-1-11.  

We get a lot of patterned dates.  Next year, we will have 12-12-12, and two years after that, 12-13-14.  Last year we had 10-10-10.  But do we ever otherwise get a double like this?

Update:  Oh, right.  My sister Sally  points out that there is also 11-11-11.   She recalls that 11-11 was our mother's birthday, the wrong year.  And she says a bud of hers delighted himself for getting through a phone call to her that registered as received at 1/11/1.  I'd say a whole bunch of people just need to get out more.

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