Monday, January 24, 2011

I Found My Suit

Underbelly junkies will recall that I have been leading a peripatetic life in my post retirement phase  as I squat in various otherwise temporarily vacant offices.    This weekend I was trying to organize my clothes and I counted only two suits.  That's funny, I thought I owned three suits: one for the funeral*, one for any possible indictment and one to wear to class.  What happened to the third suit?

Wait a minute, folks, here it is--right on the peg in my friend Dan's office, just where I left it last, um, must have been last April.  But I don't suppose I was wearing a suit in April in this Mediterranean climate anyway.  So the natural order has been restored. Though it does make me wonder how many garments I have left trailing behind in how many other offices before I got here.

*I jest.  As far as I'm concerned it is okay if they leave me out for the buzzards and I don't think they want cloth anyway.

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