Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Borders Circuit City?

I admit I am obsessing over the (incipient?) failure of Borders Books, but I've just finished this splendid Peter Osnos piece who brings to bear the skills of an experienced journalist together with his second career as a bookseller.  It certainly leaves you with the unpleasant picture of a management screwup--rather, parade of screwups;  I feel particularly for the plaintive cry of the commentator who writes about what it's like to watch the spectacle of front-office incompetence from the perspective of a (what would it be, $10 an hour?) employee.  At the end, the name that sticks in my mind is "Circuit City."   Are we witnessing the sorry spectacle of one more company that thinks it can save itself by sucking the brains and talent out of the work force while continuing to continuing to live its own life of isolated and deluded comfort?

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