Monday, January 03, 2011

Made-up Datapoint of the Day: Law Careers

I note that one of our more creditable recent graduates has taken work as a middle school teacher.  Kudos to him for finding honorable employment, and congratulations for finding, in a tough market, employment any sort.

But on the principle that one swallow makes a summer, I wonder if we see a new modality here.  It used to be that a bright young lad would spend a couple of years teaching public school and then go to law school. Worked mighty well in a lot of cases: build a little maturity, learn a bit about dealing with people, take a breather from studentship, all those good things.

I'm wondering whether now, in this parlous new job market, the pattern will go into reverse?  Will we see a bunch of schoolteacher with professional degrees (and, I assume, the accompanying $200k marker down at the bank)?


they call me trouble said...

Don't think we haven't considered it.

Anonymous said...

Teach long enough, and you can get Uncle to eat your debt, in whole or in part.

And then one can lawyer as one would like without the need to make partner by yesterday to pay the note.

they call me trouble said...

Not a bad point Anonymous. Although to be a lawyer as one would like might not be the way to pay any bills, note or not.