Friday, January 07, 2011

McConnell Pops Off on Something about which he Knows Nothing

You've got to admire the tone of lordly condescension achieved by Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as he sprinkles holy water on President Obama for hiring Bill Daley.  "Finally," he intones,  "they found a guy who has some real world business experience." Well  maybe so, but you know one guy who would never know? Mitch McConnell, that's who.  I remember observing him (I don't think we ever actually met) at the beginning of his political career, when he was one of those prematurely old men who give their academic life to student politics, then embark on adulthood by ingratiating themselves with the connected and powerful.  In that case that meant Marlowe Cook, then a county executive, later a senator, to whom McConnell made himself indispensable by shining the boss' shoes with his underwear as a staff assistant. He advanced to a job tweendecks in the Ford Administration, then to elective office on his own. If he spent even five minutes in the "business" world he so much admires, it doesn't surface in his Wiki and he doesns't see fit to include it in his official bio.

But I may be reading too much into all this.  McConnell follows up his dismissive pat-on-the-head with a telling bit of confusion:
So maybe the president is going to take a more centrist direction and if he does we may be able to do some business.
 Say wha--?  By "business" earlier, I assumed he was talking about the fact that Daley had lately indulged himself with the scooping-up of millions from the trough of Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase.  By "business" here, he seems to be talking about the kind of push and shove that occurs just outside the doors of the Senate chamber.  And the difference is--oh.  Right.  Forget it.

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