Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nino says: Hey Lookie Me!

Jonathan Turley has a shrewd offering up at the Washington Post this morning on Antonin Scalia as a media celebrity. The piece is fine on its own footing but let me ask and answer a related question: what in the hell ever possessed this guy to act in such an unseemly manner now that he's winning--now that the conservatives are doing so much better than they did in his early years?

My guess: he doesn't like being upstaged.  In the early years he could do his crossfire act from his perch on the far right and be guaranteed a fair amount of media attention.  Now he's got to cope with--no not Sotomayor and Kagan but Roberts and Alito, who are more disciplined and effective plus (let's face it) a good deal smarter than Scalia.  He could dump his contempt on the likes of Souter and Blackmun when they betrayed his conception of a majority.  Where to park his bile when his side wins?  In short,  the court itself isn't as much fun any more. A guy who is famished for adulation just has to look elsewhere.  Next up: runway modeling.

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