Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Parents Speak

I've just seen some snippets from the statement of the parents in the Tucson case (link, link).  My no-snark impulse is: they seem to have written it themselves.  And I'd mark this up to their credit:   in their private desolation at least they don't seem to have allowed themselves to get spun by a spin doctor.

Yes, yes, I hear you.  And it may be that these people made some unfruitful choices in raising their child.  But no matter how wrong-headed, I doubt that they hoped to raise their boy to be  a mass murderer. 

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NorthPhxAgent said...

You just vocalized exactly what I thought: at least they didn't hire a PR lawyer to produce a lame no-apology apology. Mr. & Mrs. Loughner must be shocked and confused, reeling as much as any of us.