Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wait, I was Wrong to say Nobody Liked it

   Scientists say they've found evidence of a hitherto unknown species of humankind, in frozen DNA from Siberia.  I think I've found something even rarer: a guy who (says he) actually liked George Bush's memoir.   That would be Andrew Roberts, once the recipient of a favorable review here at Underbelly (link; see also link but cf. link). And, yes, he also likes the President behind it who, he says  "emerges as someone who tended to make the same decisions that any sensible, well-informed, patriotic person would have made, faced with the same circumstances."   Iraq?  Big success.  Torture?  Well, it was only three guys, and we learned a lot.  Stem cells?     "[H]e never allowed his faith to overcome reason and logic," says Roberts and no, I haven't a clue what that means either.  Roberts gushes:
How Bush has retained his breezy good nature through the most prolonged and systematic character assassination for a generation is anyone's guess, but he has. He even tells gags against himself that he must know will be picked up and used by his enemies. 
I'd have to grant Roberts a point here: Bush's serene indifference to the opinion of anyone but himself has always been a marvel to behold.  Of course you can probably bear the burden of criticism more easily if you didn't write the book. Or (as Bush used to say about the newspapers) never read it.

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