Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blogging Made an Honest Man of Him

The mysterious Fourteenth Banker says it is blogging that helped him to go straight:
While I have been clear with my truth in this anonymous blog, I have become clearer with my truth in the rest of my life. I have quietly begun to live the life of a reformer. My life is richer as a result.
So while I will leave this blog up, and may return to it if the situation warrants. I am moving on with my life. You may hear of me again in the public square, but it won’t be as the Fourteenth Banker, it will be a real person with a real name. I have decided to leave my big bank to look for honest work. This decision was mostly made of course at the time I started the blog, and was confirmed by what I learned as I wrote. How could I continue to work for an organization that sort of lumbers cluelessly along seeking its own survival by whatever means are convenient with no moral considerations?
Extaordinary.  Great blog, it will be missed. Though perhaps not the blogger, who will still be there somehow.

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