Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Windshield One, Bug Zero

I always think of Ron Paul as a short guy. Apparently he is not,  but that chip-on-the-shoulder, you-want-a-piece-of-me attitude so often sounds like it emanatesfrom Jimmy Cagney or  Danny DeVito--someone writhing and shouting while dangling three feet off the ground in the hand of a giant (Arnold Schwartzenegger?).

And are the Koch brothers tall?  Maybe so, although in real life (as distinct from theatre) I suppose it doesn't matter.Either way, they are the ones I picture patiently and inexorably overpowering the little weasel as he tries to horn in on the big time.  All of which may add nuance to Rortybomb's. preview of today's House hearings on "the Kochtopus:"  here's Paul again, beating up not so much on the President, or the mainstream Republican party but on his own allies sectarian adversaries in a famously fragmented libertarian movement. They say the job of every Republican president is to make his predecessor look good. Maybe the job of Ron Paul is to make the Koch brothers look good. 

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