Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another First-Hand Report

My friend  NVJ is safe at home:
Just back from 6 days in Japan. Quake hit just as I was concluding my presentation at a conference at the University of Tokyo. Friday was weird, but calmingly weird. Imagine a city of 35 million with no public transport, upon which most people rely.

Saturday and Sunday were spent returning to normal. Crowds buying goods in Ginza on Sunday and the basements of department stores -- where they sell lots of food (bento boxes, sushi, fruit) had lots to sell at decent prices.

Transport crunched a little when I left on Monday, but still got the airport, and plane still took off.

Maybe only a country like Japan could take this. But my Japanese hosts, who had seem lots of earthquakes (as have I) were visibly shaken at this one.

Lots more stories, but add one to the list of "in Tokyo, at least, relative calm."
 "Lots of food...at decent prices."  I suspect maybe he was in Jakarta.

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