Thursday, March 17, 2011

Felix is Bewildered

Felix Salmon is too polite to put it quite that way, but he really can't imagine what kind of lunatic designed the new pricing policy at the New York Times.  Me neither but I do note that about 10 minutes after the Times email, I got one from the Wall Street Journal calculated (I think) to make me believe that the Journal is cheaper.


Ken Houghton said...

Well, of course. Providing lower utility => charge a lower price.

Anonymous said...

The Journal has been cheaper than The Times for many years now, I am pretty sure. I don't think I qualified for any special pricing last year, but my subscription to The Journal was about $225, whereas a year-long subscription to The Times would cost almost $1000.

Anonymous said...

how is times going to make people pay for what's been free and what you can get free written by other people -- washpost, mcclatchey, latimes? seems i recall years ago NYTimes wanted to be paid, and then i paid, but the deal dissolved. so little time to read all -- NYtimes is going to give way.