Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a Marshmallow World

Scott Sumner (via Alex Tabarrock) weighs in on the great marshmallow divide, as in:  are you one of those losers with poor impulse control who cannot resist scarfing down a single marshmallow now, or a disciplined soul who waits and gets two marshmallows later?  Scott explores  the  political dimensions of the issue, thus linking to marshmallows to the grand tradition of culinary politics, as in "Put the Jam on the Lower Shelf where the Little Guy Can Reach It," or,  "Come the Ravolution, Vy All Have Egg in our Borscht," or, of course, "You'll Get Pie in the Sky when you Die (That's a Lie!)").

Scott/Alex appear to agree that Democrats are the one-marshmallow party.  I'd have to concede that Republicans are the party of making the pie higher but  when it comes to marshmallows, while they may favor two, they seem to entertain the odd notion that you can have marshmallows without paying for them.  And there is as remarkable, if tiny, subset who like to take their marshmallows   by the dozen, with whipped cream and a cherry on top, thank you very much.

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dilbert dogbert said...

impossible to eat just one smores. That's the way I like my marshmallows.
Marshmallows by themselves are boring.