Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Women Run in Packs, Men Soger On Alone

The Wichita bureau is puzzled:
We’ve commented periodically at the number of middle aged professional women who team up and live together – without being gay (or at least not openly gay).  ... I can’t say that I’ve seen men gathering together to live communally – obviously there are the gay couples who live together – but are there any straight guys of your acquaintance living together and sharing a TV and kitchen? I can’t think of a single example. At least, past college roommates. Yeah, there are the guys who right out of college while struggling to make a living live communally – but middle age?

Kindly come up with the exception that proves the rule.  ...
To which Buce responds:
Sure, Felix and Oscar.

I suppose it is hard wired: men organize cooperative ventures to take down woolly mammoths, women stay home and make tortillas in the courtyard (except the woolly mammoth is perhaps mostly fantasy). Men elbow each other out of the way to collect sexual partners, women band together to make a tribe. There certainly is a long literary/artistic tradition of two guys together on quest: Holmes and Watson, Huck and Jim, Jeeves and Bertie, Pickwick and Sam, Quixote and Sancho, Crusoe and Friday, Gilgamesh and Inkidu.   Hell, Crockett and Tubbs, Starsky and Hutch, Dusty and Lefty,  Odysseus and Athena (she's just one of the guys). But these are virtually all task-oriented, not just getting through the day. Note that in many cases, one of those two is distinctly second tier, servile, put on earth to cater to the needs and whims of the other.
 Translated: point taken.  Wichita also asks:
Add on: is it that women make less money so they clump together to have a better life style?
...but on this one, I am not persuaded.  These days, so many women outearn men, but the old pattern persists.

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