Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zero Tolerance

Number of Japanese nuclear plants in crisis: two.

Number of nuclear plants in Japan, total: 55.

Unfortunately, we are in a field where 96 is not a passing grade. 


Passing By said...

I understand your point and agree with it.

However, in fact, the grade is considerably lower. As I write this, the headline on the New York Times website is "Nuclear crisis spreads to 4th plant".

For some reason, I'm recalling the old maxim that when you find one rat on a ship, you'll find more.

Ken Houghton said...

If the other three plants at Fukushima hadn't been off-line, the score would be at least 6/55 right now.

Otoh, if it had happened three weeks later, several of the affected plants would have been decommissioned--though whether the damage would have been worse in that case is unclear.