Sunday, April 24, 2011

Caedmon's Hymn

Now we must praise to the skies the Keeper of the heavenly kindom,
The might of the Measurer, all he has in mind,
The work of the Father of Glory, of all manner of marvel,

Our eternal Master, the main mover.
It was he who first summoned up, on our behalf,
Heaven as a roof, the holy Maker.

Then this middle-earth, the Watcher over humankind,
Our eternal Master, would later assign
The precinct of men, the Lord Almmighty.
---From Bede's History (7C AD)
Translated by Paul Muldoon
Reprinted in Benson, Chernaik and Herbert, Best Poems on the Underground (2110)

A gift from Michael, heathen to a heathen, on what may or may not be Easter Sunday.  Thanks, Michael. 

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