Monday, April 11, 2011

The Real Bill Ayers Scandal

Among so many other Questions that Will Not Die (Where is the real birth certificate?  Where is Judge Crater?  Who is  buried in Grant's Tomb?)--I note that another: the notion that aging ex-terrorist Bill Ayers ghosted Barack Obama's autobiography.  But has anyone ever considered the possibility that it is just the other way round--that it is Obama who ghostwrites for Ayers?  Tactically, which is more damning--that the poster child of spoiled-rich rebellion is actually the fountainhead of perhaps the only readable presidential biography ever written; or that our Kenyan-born fantasy President is really a tiresome and contentious old  whiner?

Aside to Underbelly acolytes: no, no relation.  UB's doppelganger spells his name without an s.

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Ken Houghton said...

"Who is buried in Grant's Tumb?"

Now I know why Pooh had a rumbly in his Tumbly; he was echoing Dickens.

(The answer to the other question is, of course, no one--it's an above-ground structure. That Jimmy Hoffa may have been added underneath is not assumed.)