Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 250k Obsession

Fiscal Times is  back with another one of those accounts of how life on $250k a year is not all ortolans and whipped cream.  It's temperate in its way, not early as delusional as the angry outburst of a Chicago law prof that caused such a stir last fall.  But it still fails to come to terms with its own fundamental reality, that is, how most Americans would kill for those problems.  Accepting every word the FT says as true (and I don't, really), still the fact is that we are talking about a hangnail on the body politic.  Somehow the vast majority of Americans are trudging along only only a fraction of the 250k number.  And how will they pay for maid service, dry cleaning, higher education?  And you expect them to feel any sympathy at all for the beleaguered minority at the top of the food chain?

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chrismealy said...

I couldn't bear to actually read the article so I just searched for "marginal." No matches. These lucky duckies making $250,000/year wouldn't have their taxes increased at all if Obama got his way. Also, nobody ever called these whiners on the margin rich.