Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At Last! A Job for Men!

That does not depend on upper body strength:

...the hotels of the world are cleaned by immigrants, most of them women.  The women's vulnerabilities are legion, and in many countries, hoteliers have adopted a raft of precautions to protect staffs and guests.
For example, if a male guest calls for service, the housekeeping department would send up a male attendant.
"Oftentimes, male guests will order the pay-per-view adult movies, and then call for towels, perhaps hoping that a woman will be sent to bring them up," said Peter M. Krauss, chief sales and marketing officer for Plasticard Locktech Inernational of Asheveille, N.C., which provides card keys to hotels.  "So whenever they can, the hotels will send up a male if the call comes from a male guest."
--"Hotel Keycard Of I.M.F, Chief May Tell a Tale," New York Times 
paper, p. A14 (Pacific ed.) Wed., May 18, 2011

Premium bonus, re Maria Shriver, husband of serial paternalist Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the funeral of her father, R. Sargent Shriver:
Ms. Shriver gave a heartrending and pointed eulogy, as her husband looked on, praising her father for teaching her brothers how to properly treat women.
"Schwarzenegger Whispers  Became an Admission,"  New York Times 
paper, p. A3 (Pacific ed.) Wed., May 18, 2011

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