Monday, June 06, 2011

Aunt Selma and the Motorcycle Gang

Here's a bit that just surfaced in some old household debris.  It's a letter from my late Aunt Selma, sent to several of her nieces in 1952.  She was a highly respected and respectable (if not entirely proper) manager of the office of a law firm.  She liked to tell people that she was a virgin.

Afterthought: "If I live to be 40"--cute.  As was no secret, in 1952 Selma was 48.

And an update: My sister Sally, one of the original recipients, adds--"Oh my, remember well the motorcycle letters ... They made us laugh then.  Now I see them a little differently as sort of a longing for some excitement that never quite came her way and that seems sort of sad now don't you think?"


dilbert dogbert said...

Thanks. Now I know which side of the family the BS comes from.

MER said...

As a great niece imagine my surprise when I started receiving these same sort of letters in the mail from Great Aunt Sal. I still have them and they are just as funny and poignant.