Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just Askin': Cloud Software

If Steve Jobs is going cloud, will there be any further need for DropBox?  For Evernote?  Oh, and Instapaper, which I just started using last week?

Update: NYT Bits says maybe so.   In the short term I get that, but it's beginning to look like this is another soupbowl in which she sharks will swallow the minnows.


Ken Houghton said...

Apple is still, from what I can see, only providing linkages between Apple products. If all you ever use are Apple products, then DropBox remains useful as a redundant system, and Evernote remains useful.

Instapaper--which I've been using only slightly longer than you have--might have functionality as a redundant system as well. (Quite honestly, I started using it in earnest because the mobile version of Delicious has become too buggy.)

If you transition between several systems, then the question is even clearer--Google Docs and Google Cloud didn't make the other services superfluous, so this doesn't either.

Whether their business models and revenue projections are still viable is another issue. (I suspect DropBox will abide, if only because of the cross-platform ease. EverNote is valuable until it gets acquired by a proprietary system; probably soon now. Instapaper...well...)

New York Crank said...

Am I just an ignorant Luddite or does Cloud give Apple access to all my files and subject them to hacking?

Not accusing. Only asking about those S.O.B.s. Not that I think they'd want to sell my data for marketing purposes, or anything like that.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank