Monday, June 06, 2011

Market Niche

The New York Times identifies a market niche hitherto unknown to me --"relatively ordinary people of means."  In Timesspeak, that translates into people who are willing and able to pop "upward of $10,000 a month ... for a particular combination of space, light, grandeur and amenities."   And here I thought I was a relatively ordinary person of means...


Ken Houghton said...

Where are they finding these people? Not in the NYC census data.

Even the Manhattan-only mean household income (presumably gross) would be consumed entirely by rent.

Just think of Real Estate as what passes in the NYT for pr0n, and therefore treat such pieces as the equivalent of the "rainbow-party" sexcapades believed by gullible reporters.

New York Crank said...

Who said anything about mean income? There are a good number of these apartments. I've been in one. Spectacular!

Hey, if you're a dumb schmuck working for a bank and your income is $500,000 and then you get a bonus of $2 mil, laying out ten or even fifteen grand a month for a pad that's bigger and has better views than thine is no problem.

That's why this country needs a ninety percent tax bracket.

Yours very, very crankily,
The New York crank