Friday, July 22, 2011

The Banana Belt

By many measures, Palookaville is not a garden spot.  Median family income is somewhere around 40k, and summertime temperatures can easily hit three digits.  Mr. and Mrs. Buce actually like it here in spite of all that but here's a curiosity--in this summer of swelter we seem to be one more place that has simply escaped the heat.

Actually, the charts indicate we did have a few super-hot days back in June--maybe we were out of town.  Since then, we've had some highly uncharacteristic rain.  And at least until the last day or so, we've been disporting ourselves in an unexampled extended spring.

My friend Allison asks: God loves Palookaville?  Maybe.  I suppose a more obvious answer is that global warming--better global climate instability--does weird things all over the place.  Just a few years back, we spent some days on the edge of the Gobi Desert.  Once again, it might as well have been Paris in the spring--instability again?  On the other hand, the first Mrs. Buce used to quote her German grandfather: "Wenn Engel reisen, lacht der Himmel"--when angeles travel, the sky laughs--true dat, and sometimes it laughs even when they stay home. My final guess is that God and the angels are just ticked at Rick Perry for daring to presume he should be President. Meanwhile, they've forgotten we're here.

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