Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elocution Lesson

Here's a sentence, 75 words.  I won't give you the context except to say that it is from an early-20th-century novel by an Australian-born woman living in England (though she had also lived for some time in Germany, married to a Prussian.  The challenge is to read it aloud in a way that makes sense, catching the architecture.  I think this works, although I have tried it several times and have't got it quite right yet myself.    If you can do it, I'd say you can look forward with optimism to a career as a classical orator. Here's the sentence
And arm in arm they went along the hall, and their husbands would not have known them their faces were so young with eagerness, and together they stood at the open window, and when their eyes, having feasted on the marvellous pink thing, wandered farther among the beauties of the gardens, they saw sitting on the low wall at the east edge of it, gazing out over the bay, her feet in lilies, Lady Caroline.
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