Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google eReader App: Not Ready for Prime Time?

Okay, so I downloaded the Google ebook app onto my Iphone.  Looks pretty (much like Amazon) but it won't rotate sideways--not good, I like sideways.  My first download, a sample: they sampled the wrong book.  Did it a second time to make sure it wasn't just my mistake, same result.

Tiny complaints I admit, but in this fluid, competitive enterprise, you just don't want to stumble coming out of the box, not so?

Idle afterthought:
as Borders gurgles hideously down the drain, is there any afterlife for the Kobo?

Update re Kobo: Kobo would answer "yes, there is" (trans: Borders? Oh, yes, I guess we've heard of them). I love that line about how Kobo "offers their support to the Borders’ community of employees, families and friends." Terrific, send check.

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