Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Updock? Oh, I Don't Know, What's Up with You?

Did you know that
--Russia ranks 6th in the world for the most rail passengers.
--Macau has the world's 5th-most crowded road networks.
--Bolivia is he world's 8th-largest producer of lead.
You knew?  Then welcome to the club.  Or welcome me to the club; either way, the chances are that you got this stuff the same place I did--from "World In Figures" The Economist's downloadable Iphone app which spouts a more or less endless river of equally diverting trivia.  I guess you could say it is a handheldified version of the The Economist screensaver which adorned my desktop for several years, keeping me up to date on pig production in Western China and suchlike.  Call it the world's greatest Asperger's enabler ever. Anyway, you can keep your RhinoBall and your Aero Guitar.   I'll be back just as soon as I find out who is the leading producer of Updock.

Disclaimer: nobody briibed, me to say this.  The 99 cents came out of my own pocket.  In pennies.

Update:  Ooh, I love this thing.  Defense spending as percent of GDP: US, 4.9%; Pakistan, 3%.

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