Monday, July 04, 2011

Why Jon Huntsman Will Never be President

I just now glommed onto on why Jon Huntsman will never be President: he spells his name without an "h."

Yes, I'll concede this as a public offense this doesn't quite match, say, dropping a bomb into a baby carriage.  But in politics, so often it's the little things that count--particularly the little things that suggest you are in any way fussy or full of yourself.  Think of the more memorable examples: Donald Trump, who wouldn't shake hands with you unless he wire rubber gloves;   Liddy Dole who had to know the color of the carpet she would stand on so she could coordinate her shoes; Al Gore who said his favorite novel  was Charterhouse of Parma.  Grant that none of these  is enough in itself to deprive a person of the presidency but that's  not the point. at each is a giveaway clue to a more general character that will indeed keep him (or her) from the prize: the sign of a general meanness or petty vanity that the voters will sense and destroy.

People will say that Jon (sic) didn't give himself his name but that's not the point either.  The point is that he (or at any rae, his staff) insists  on it.  A more avid seeker would have long abandoned the Jon-John distinction and let the voters call him what they want.  The fact that he (or at any rate, his staff) still corrects people on the point--that's the fatal flaw.

BTW, has Underbelly told you yet who will be the Republican nominee?  Check here.   And the winner of the general election will be ghsztvxws.  Everything clear now?

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Ebenezer Scrooge said...

Jon? I thought that name was reserved for my fellow Hebrews who had the desire, but not the courage, to go the Full Lindsay.