Sunday, August 07, 2011

Conversation in the Computer Lab

Athos: So, when is Amazon going to come out with a new Kindle, to try to claw back against Ipad?

Porthos: You kidding?  They don't need to claw back against Ipad, they're doing fine.  People like something that just reads books, without all the bells and whistles.

McGinnis:  You're both nuts.  Kindle was a big mistake.  They can make all their money selling books through apps. I read mine on my Iphone.  They don't need the device. They'll drop it.

:  You're all missing the point. Amazon needed the Kindle to introduce people to e-books--to show them how they could be used.  They knew they'd be upstaged on hardware by Apple but that's fine.  They've established themselves as the dominant player in content, and they will stay there.  So, they did need the Kindle, and it did its job. And now they will let it drop.

[They drink up, pay their bill, and depart for a merry round of swordplay.  The matter of who, if anyone, is correct, is left as an exercise to the reader.]

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