Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Factoid: The Death of Children

I'm running around doing a bunch of other stuff today but here's a factoid on child death, from Aaron Carroll:

...in 2005, guns were were in involved in almost 85% of homicides and more than 45% of suicides in children aged 5-19 years, not to mention many accidents.
I should add that gun safety is another one of those issues on which I am squishy wet. I know there are countries (e.g., Switzerland) with high gun availability and low gun crime, and places with (e.g., Mexico) with stiff gun laws and plenty of gun crime.

I do think that support for gun freedom is vastly overrated. It's another one of those issues where a small cabal of insiders have learned how to make themselves rich by scaring the hell out of everybody else.   Sadly, perhaps for related reasons, I suspect that a vast expansion of gun safety laws would not accomplish much of what proponents hope.

My cousin Peter, deceased, was an anti-gun guy who used to teach gun safety classes on the theory that if you're going to do it, at least do it right. Wish I knew what he could have added to this story.

And I do wonder what the intent of the Founding Fathers was with respect to proton packs.

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