Friday, August 19, 2011

Huntsman Plays a Deep Game

Smart people, prompted by an even smarter person, are clucking that they have an answer to the puzzle of Jon Huntsman: he's running for 2016.

I agree with the multitude that he cannot be running for 2012. But what makes them think that the Republicans (or the Democrats either, for that matter) will be looking for a sane, candid, lucid, constructive candidate in 2016, saying nothing of 2012, or indeed, of any other year? My guess is that he is auditioning to be this guy:

And a balloon to anyone under 30 who has the foggiest notion who he is.  Or if you must, go here.

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ge315 said...

I voted for him. And helped elect St. Ron. Except, I live in NY, so my vote doesn't matter.

FWIW, he was the last Republican I voted for.