Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Morning Miscellany

Mr. and Mrs. Buce are just back from a happy hour at the coffee shop, burrowing through the morning's news.  My own top pick--it'll be old news by the time you see this, but still take a look at Juan Cole on what is happening in Tripoli right now, I  mean right now.   Also: Mark Thoma is surprised to find that the unwashed are a bunch of atheists.  With all respect to a truly wonderful blogger, I'm surprised that he is surprised.  Isn't it the pattern that a spasm of religiousity nearly always leads to upward economic mobility?

Meanwhile Mrs. B, who came within one pair of blunted scissors* of joining the convent at the age of 19, reviews  her other life, the life she did not live.

*Long story.

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Ken Houghton said...

The tradition has been that whites go to church for social reasons--to get jobs via networking basically.

If that stops working for a long period of time--say, since 2001--the separation becomes easier.