Sunday, September 25, 2011


Pine nuts, with Brian's basil
I savor the story about the community so safe that the only reason to lock your door is to keep  your neighbors from smuggling in their spare zucchini.  Palookaville is not quite that safe but Brian across the street is a compulsive farmer (not here in town; he has a chunk of family land out in the country).  Anyway, they are a household of two (as are we), so at this time of year there is always plenty  good produce on offer.  Two weeks ago it was beets; last week it was beets again and I roasted up a bunch of them garlic and sage.  I offered a batch of the roastings to Brian's companion: she said okay  but not too much, she was already up to her ears in tomatoes and okra.

Today it was basil: a plastic garbage bag full.  Mrs. B, who likes cooking best when it comes in regimental proportions, spread out a counter full of work stations for leaves, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan and oil.  We have now survived a morning of sorting, grinding, chopping and spinning.  We freeze it in muffin tins; should last us about a year.  Come to think of it, the last of the 2010 crop is still in the freezer.  


marcel said...

Check out the recipe in the original, 1st edition, Moosewood Cookbook.

It calls for walnuts instead of pine nuts and 4 parts basil to 1 part parsley, which brings out the flavor of the basil than any of the other recipes I have tried.

dilbert dogbert said...

"the only reason to lock your door is to keep your neighbors from smuggling in their spare zucchini."
Reminds me of the story that New Hampshire folks use zucchini for spite as no true Hampshireman will waste food. Once loaded with zucchini submarines they will subsist the whole winter on them.

Buce said...

I was born in New Hampshire.

Buce said...

Marcel: actually, we had a bunch of pine nuts in the freezer. In general, I'd use pine nuts only if they are fresh, which around here they usually aren't. Walnuts, by contrast, fall straight off the tree into the pot. And shell themselves on the way down.