Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Metaphysics: Don't Try This at Home

It's junk mail, but kinda cute--from my cousin Dave:

I won't believe corporations are people until Texas executes one 

Cute, except the sovereign already has executed at least one corporation for high crimes, and that in a Texas-based episode, too.  Of course I'm thinking of Arthur Andersen, sent to old sparky in 2002 for its role  in the Enron meltdown.  The decision to abolish one of the minuscule number of public auditing firms always struck me asthe dumbest one of the many dumb public policy decisions of the last decade--traceable in part, I have always suspected, to a confused notion of just what a corporate being might be (same reason I've got no use for the corporate income tax.

Meanwhile, UB's ever-watchful Wichita bureau notes that Pat Robertson's advice that you can ditch your Alzheimer's-afflicted spouse is based on some kind of notion that s/he's no longer a sentient being. Would Robertson use the same reasoning to excuse like, oh, say abortion?  No, no need to answer that.

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