Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Underbelly Music Link

Matt Yglesias frets that at 30, he is too old to offer music links.  Ha.  I can only say that now that I'm pushing 75 (albeit from the wrong direction) I feel more empowered than ever.  Except I don't feel the need to do indie rock.  Here's a recent discovery of Mrs. B's--Joyce Di Donato doing a bit from Handel's Ariodante, an opera hitherto unknown to me:

Last time I saw the girl, she was enjoying three-way with Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Flórez.  Channeling Justice Holmes--ah, to be 74 again.

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ge315 said...

Handel any time. Do you know this one? Nathalie Dessay "Tornami a vagheggiar", (Alcina)