Monday, November 07, 2011

Hi, I'm, um, er, --Oh, Forget It

I share he general hilarity at the spectacle of Mitt Romney flying tongue-tied in coach, but I think there's a serious political point here that not a lot of people seem to be getting. That is--well, okay, sure, I try to chill out my benchies in the cheap seats, been doing that half my life.  But I fly coach because I am a peasant.  Romney is not a peasant, he is a zillionaiare.   He flew coach because somebody told him to fly coach.  And they told him to fly coach  because they thought it was a good idea.  Mitt, I've been reading Henry V lately.  You need the common touch.  Go show 'em you can be everyman.  Go fly coach.

As a good Republican should, Romney takes direction well so sure, gag a little grit your teeth and hey, go for it.  But he can't do it.  He knew perfectly well that he was supposed to chat with the lady next to him, and what kind of luck is it anyway that he gets plunked down to what may be the smartest health care wonk on the planet?  He even knows he is supposed to know the name of a good restaurant in Boston. But he just can't do it.  They might as well reconcile themselves to letting Mitt be Mitt; hard as he tries, he can't be anything else.

Afterthought:  Coach?  Really, coach?  Not economy plus?  With those long legs, I could have forgiven that.

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