Friday, November 25, 2011


I admit it, I'm a guy; I like silly toys.  So I put the (free) app on my Iphone that tracks my bike mileage.  First day, I saw my bike ride yielded me a crummy 255 calories--depressing but probably true.  Second day, I took just about the same route, but this time, by accident, I punched run instead of ride and came up with (gulp) 950 calories.  My stars and garters, is running that much harder than riding?

Oh no, wait--the device assumed that I was running at the same speed at which I was actually biking--a nice lazy, leisurely bike speed, but one which, had I been on foot, would have made me a respectable marathoner.   And no, I am not going to spell out the details.  And no, I am absolutely not going to post it on Facebook.

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