Thursday, November 10, 2011

Riverside on $142 a Day

I see the good people of Riverside County are going to charge you for the privilege of spending time in their stony lonesome, to the tune of $142 a day.   Huffpost puts it in perspective  with some  insightful comments about how much it costs you to get good help down at the jailhouse any more.  Still in  a sense, I'm surprised that anybody treats this story as news.  I believe it is the Chinese, after all, who will follow up on your execution by sending the family an invoice for the cost of the bullet.

The usual mantra at this point is "privatization." I say the idea has promise but perhaps not in the usual manner.  That is, usually we talk about auctioning off the whole prison system.  But there may be an easy way: from Orbitz I see that the Loma Linda Inn just up the road is offering rooms as low as $66 a day, although there is a nonrefundable $35 pet fee.  But why stop there?  Here's a  nice golf resort at Cathedral City for $135 a day which could leave you seven a day left over for food.

But I still think our imagination is too cramped.  That same $135 will get you the Principessa Isabella, a four-star on Via Sardegna in Rome, including breakfast.  Actually, I think that price buys you a double. Sheriff, are you listening?

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