Monday, December 26, 2011

Is the Ipad War Over Yet?

Mrs. Buce has her Christmas Ipad.  They're still getting acquainted but I predict a long and fruitful relationship.  Which leaves me as the last person on the planet who does not (a) have nor (b) want an Ipad.  Honest.  I have an I phone, which I love, although not as a phone: I think I receive/make about a dozen calls a year.  Phonewise, I am a natural candidate for just buying a handful of minutes at Walgreen's.  I came by the Iphone almost by accident (long story) but what I find, to my stunned surprise, is that it is my e-reader of choice: the poor 2G Kindle languishes unloved on the night table.   I certainly didn't plan it and I'm not even sure why but I know (a) that the type faces are sensational; and (b) it's backlit, so no grumpy complaints about turning on the bedside light in the middle of the night.  Oh, and my Google Reader.  Oh, and Flipboard, which I've had for about a week.  Oh, and the Ipod link.  Oh, oh, oh.

I've also got a fairly large laptop which has morphed into a desktop (what I'm using at the moment), but then the clincher is that dorky little Gateway netbook which I bought almost on impulse a couple of years back because it promised a  nine-hour battery: I knew that number was a lie when I bought it and of course it is a lie but the battery is pretty long, and here's the surprise: it has a keyboard that I can actually use.  With a usuable keyboard and a sorta kinda tablet screen, who needs a tablet?  So here I am, like the last Japanese soldier on Guam, still wondering if the war is over.

I admit I am kind of intrigued by those recycled/remaindered HP Touchpads.  I could  Velcro it to the refrigerator, for service as a cookbook.  Equipment junkie, moi?  Oh, bite your tongue.  

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Anonymous said...

ipad?what does it look like? if the keyboard is part of a laptop i'd have to throw the whole thing out because somehow typing hunt and peck i rub the letters off the keyboard. sosmetimes i paint in the letters with appliance paint touch up but so far the one i've got (from costco, about 15 bucks0 has lasted longer than walmart's replacement for the dell that came with the computer. my cell phone dont work in the house but it's great making connections in airports. i paid $8 for it in dollar general and bought a year's worth of time for $99 plus from someone in guatamala. had to make the call from the yard -- cell phone works in the yard. had the portable house phone in one hand, cell phone in the other, talked to a guy in guatamala ....