Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That's All?

Joel favors me with a quick-and-dirty summary of the campaign tax returns.   Quick thoughts:
  • Mitt Romney paid $1.5 to the Mormon church. That strikes me as a bit light, actually.  I've got a vague sense that the right rate is 10 percent of gross, maybe even before tax--which  would suggest $2.17 million.  If you go for after tax, you might figure $1.87--but then you'd have to go back and factor in the charitable deduction. Sounds like the bishop might want to have him in for a chat.  Any way you slice it, the number is ballpark with the total income of the president.

  • Would I be right that our president has zero business/investment income?  Or just too small for this summary chart?
  •  Who's Newt's divorce lawyer?

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Ken Houghton said...

Best guess: the investments are being held in trust and not part of his return. (Note that Michelle's income--and we know she had some, from appearances on Disney and such--is not included either.)

Newt's first divorce attorney was an old friend of his who completely screwed (not in a good way) his first wife. (There is apparently a growing history of Republican Presidential candidates with that as a bona fide: the first Gingrich divorce details were discussed just as the gory details of Bob Dole's divorce were being discussed. Following the Gipper, as it were.)