Saturday, February 11, 2012

Duelling in Uruguay

Is it lawful to fight a duel in Uruguay?

Answer: yes, so long as each participant is a registered blood donor.

Go on, Google it. The story is all around.  It sounds almost too good to be true.

Of course, it almost certainly is to good to be true.  A fairly strenuous search located not a single report that offered anything remotely like a source.  No statute.  No lawbook.  Not even, in my inquiry, so much as a little snippet of Spanish.

When you stop about it, the story almost has to be false. It is just too neat and charming, too much suited to the intertubes.  A hint of exoticism, weirdly funny, with a soupçon of the macabre.  

Now, if it turns out that it really is true. Or perhaps I was thinking of Paraguay.  


Anonymous said...

hace 60 años que se derogo esa ley

Unknown said...

The duelling law was abolished in Uruguay in 1992.

Excerpt (in spanish, use google translate)

"El rechazo de la opinión pública nacional y extranjera a los duelos, manifestado en 1990 cuando el periodista Federico Fasano Mertens, director del diario La República, fuera retado a duelo por el inspector de policía Saúl Clavería (director de la Dirección Nacional de Información e Inteligencia entre 1970 y 1974, durante el gobierno dictatorial) motivó un debate público sobre la ley de duelos, que sería finalmente derogada por medio del artículo 1º de la ley 16.274 del 6 de julio de 1992.18"