Thursday, February 02, 2012


Confusion of absolute and qualified statements:

Whoso drinketh well sleepeth well; whoso sleepeth well sinneth not; whoso sinneth not shall be blessed.Therefore, whoso drinketh well shall be blessed.
 Thomas Blunderville (sic, Blundeville?), The Art of Logic (1599), quoted in Sister Miriam Joseph, The Trivium 200 (2002).  Sister Miriam explains: "The second proposition is true with respect to the time while a man sleeps; he may sin when he is awake."  But there seems to be something else going on here; wouldn't he sin not even if he slept badly, so long as he slept.   

Elsewhere I find: 
He that eateth well drinketh well,
he that drinketh well sleepeth well,
he that sleepeth well sinneth not,
he that sinneth not goeth straight through Purgatory to Paradise.
Attributed to one William Lithgow (1582-1645)

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