Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Fix is In

I suppose I'm in pulp fiction mode this week.  Or maybe it's just The New Yorker cool, but I had a tough time containing myself as I read Alex Koppelman's account of Ron Paul in his new role a running dog for Team Romney.  "It's evident," purrs Koppelman, "It’s evident, after answers like that one, that if this debate slows Santorum’s momentum, or helps Romney slow him, then Romney will have a lot of reasons to be grateful to Ron Paul. The only question that remains is how Romney might show his gratitude."

Dude, let me be vulgar.  The Fix is in.  We just don't know the details yet.   Secretary of Treasury? Too hard a job.  Head of the Federal  Reserve?  Intriguing, but a bridge too far.   

But how about Vice-President? Surely he w-- ah well,we can wait and see.


Ken Houghton said...

You're close. Both of them know it will be Rand, not Ron, who gets the VP nod. Much more palatable to the base.

Anonymous said...

rand's got real problems. when he got kicked out of his professional medical assn he set up his own "phony" accrediting association. underbelly was a reporter in kentucky -- he knows you can't judge a pol's qualifications by kentucky election results. ron paul is in the process of amassing delegates in caucus states -- only candidate with machines in those states to get the delegates. he's going into the convention as a power force, not just someone trying to deal votes for power.