Sunday, February 05, 2012

Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do (Leviticus)

An Alabama state senator named Shadrak (whoa!) McGill says that keeping teacher's pay low is a biblical principal.  Prompting, as so many things do, Ivan to remember his youth in the newspaper business and elsewhere:

Back a half century and more ago all the smart girls who could get to college studied to be teachers. My wife graduated from U of A  with a teaching degree when she was 19 years old. Started at 16 out of  Hazel Green HS. Taught 5th grade at Verner school at U of A.  ... When I was a reporter in Kentucky I went around the state sizing up the election between LBJ and Goldwater. In one really poor Kentucky county I interviewed the county’s chief official. He was proud of the county seat – “no stoplights, no (n’s) and no jews,” he told me. What kind of work was there for the people, I asked him. He admitted there were no industrial jobs – not one in the county. All the good timber had been cut generations before. No coal. What do people do for a living? (a lot grew marijuana for the market in Lexington, but he didn’t go into that). “Well, if a woman ain't married and got to work,” he said, “she can be a waitress or a teacher or a whore.” Haven’t checked in a while but I bet that county still votes Republican. Shadrack would fit right in.
 I can match it.  Armed with her freshly minted PhD, Mrs.Buce descended on the unemployment office.  They offered her: (a)  third grade or (b) go-go dancer.  Actually, she was a pretty good third grade teacher in her day.  

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New York Crank said...

Actually, if Kentucky paid their legislators nothing, only those with a calling to legislate would run for office, and there'd be more money for schoolteachers.

But if that &*$#!!# legislator is going to cite chapter and verse, allow me to do the same:

"And ye shall dwell among the impoverished, for it is they who are called upon to smite the hypocrites in the holy places and in the marketplaces, and to place onto pikes their heads and transport these to the sands of the wilderness where they shall be as food for the wild beasts, yea, even the flies to sup on. – Meshugen-has Chapter 9 Vs. 3.