Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Count No Man Fortunate Until he is Dead

Why I'm glad I got out of journalism:

Mike Trimble, Denton Record-Chronicle Opinion Editor, 
Fired After Clash with Publisher

Link.  He's 68.  He's been at it for 48 years.  He had he bad foresight to put himself in the hands of Bill ("My way or the highway") Patterson, who knows that if you buy ink by the barrel, you're in a different league from people who buy it by the bottle.   It's not really clear from the linked account what part of "my way" he did not understand.  He seems to be taking it all with saintly patience; supporters told him they would cancel their subscriptions but he told them not to.  I wonder how much he has in his 401k.

On the other hand,

Bob Caldwell was with 23-year-old Tigard woman 
when he went into cardiac arrest

Link.  He was editorial page editor of The Oregonian.  Pictures show a jovial man.  Red-faced.   Roundish.  He probably should have taken better care of himself.  On the other hand, he won't have to worry about his 401k. 

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