Sunday, March 04, 2012

An Economist (Yet!) On What Motivates People

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in that yarn about the "invention of email" is this from a certain "Jim Kane," identified as "an economist who has worked with lots of technology firm" (this guy?).  Kane is quoted as saying:
Technologists primarily are driven and motivated by recognition from their professional peers much more than by financial rewards. I strongly suspect that among all the individuals who responded to the original article there is not one among them who has financially benefited from the creation of e-mail to any significant degree.
Pretty rich from someone in the profession from which you could be excused for inferring that the only form of human motivation is the marginal tax rate.
In my craft or sullen art
Exercised in the still night
When only the moon rages
And the lovers lie abed
With all their griefs in their arms,
I labor by singing light
Not for ambition or bread
Or the strut and trade of charms
On the ivory stages
But for the common wages
Of their most secret heart.
Dylan Thomas, of course. Be a good joke if I get an abusive letter from the Thomas estate demanding money for that one.

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